During Social Media Marketing Day you will have the possibility to gain new ideas and get control of the latest trends in the field. We have gathered some of the foremost experts in the area, together with cases from preeminent companies. At the same time you meet like-minded people and extend your network. Last year we had 99% happy participants! 

Why you should attend Social Media Marketing Day 2018:

  Gain full control of the latest trends and news
  Learn and get inspired by the preeminent companies and experts
  Meet people in the industry and extend your network
  Social Media Bar after the conference (networking mingle, free of charge)

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Frida boisen

VP Head of Digital, Bonnier Magazines & Brands

Frida Boisen is VP Head of Digital and Publisher at Bonnier Magazines & Brands - the biggest feature Publishing House in Sweden, and the biggest Influencer Network in the Nordic Countries. She is one of Sweden's most popular Keynote Speakers in Digital Transformation and Social Media, she talks about the latest trends in Social Media in SVT Gomorron Sverige - Sweden's biggest TV morning show – and she writes a weekly columnist at Expressen, Sweden's leading newspaper.

Frida has held several positions as Editor in Chief for some of Sweden's biggest publishing brands the last decade - focusing on digital transformation. This year she also became TV Show Host at Lyxfällan, TV3, MTG.

Above all this she is the author of the bestselling book "Digital succé - så lyckas du med sociala medier" and is currently writing her next book.

Anders Colding-Jørgensen

Behavioral Psychologist

Anders Colding-Jørgensen is a Danish psychologist and keynote speaker. He has studied online behavior for more than 20 years and specializes in social media addiction and viral content. Anders believes in you. You can improve too.

Ruby Jankkila

Agent Talent/ Project Manager, United Influencers

Ruby Jankkila is a 23rd year old millennial that started to work with influencer marketing as she turned 20 years old. She saw a gap in the market and started off teaching agencies around Sweden the potential of influencer marketing, and how an influencer could make a difference in the marketing mix, something that would make all the different for a brand in the end of the day. Today she is working at United Influencers, the biggest full service influencer marketing agency in Scandinavia and is responsible for some of Swedens biggest influencers, together with creating strategies and proposals from conceptual starting points regarding influencer marketing for all kinds of clients. She believes that insight is everything and that influencer marketing is more than future. Lately she was part of the Jury for Guldtuben 2018, Swedens biggest influencer gala and competion.

Robert agius

Director, phosworks

Robban has over 20 years’ experience from the media industry, movie and TV-production. He has produced and directed programs and series for SVT, TV4 and TV8 and is rewarded with many movie and TV- awards. Among others, the prestigious TV-award ”Kristallen” after the TV-show “Buskul” in the category Best children & youth program year 2011. At Phosworks he is producing and directing content for companies both in Sweden and internationally. Everything from commercials to educational movies for well-known companies. 

Mats Gustafsson

Founder, Wednesday Relations

Mats founded Wednesday Relations 2002 and have extended experience in marketing, sales, digital business and CRM. Mats has worked in line-positions within marketing and sales in Sweden and worldwide. Together with Wednesday Relations, Mats has created a lot of conferences and seminars, and is also a very popular and well-experienced moderator.

Program 2018

Focus: Influencer Marketing




Mats Gustafsson

Founder, Wednesday relations


Digital Success - How to succeed in Social Media

Would you like more likes and shares from a greater number of viewers and readers? Would you like to gain control of your viral keys and learn the latest tips and most efficient methods to increase your scope and get impact for your brand in social media? The World Champion in social media, Frida Boisen, will share concrete, superefficient tips on how to boost your business with social media.

Frida Boisen

VP Head of Digital, Bonnier Magazines & Brands


People driven marketing

Ruby will go through influential possibilities on how to change someone's behavior and thinking rather than just have a big amount of followers.

  • The most influential people today: How come? In which way does an influencer develop a brand?
  • How does the process look like? The importance of making it human and real.
  • Influencer marketing from a millennial perspective. Why does seven out of ten millennials buy what influencers wear or uses?

Ruby Jankkila

Agent Talent / Project Manager, United influencers


Evoke feelings in self-produced movies

The director Robert Agius, winner of the Swedish TW-award “Kristallen” and the star behind multiple successful movies, shares his tips and ideas on how to create genuine feelings in movies for web and social media.

  • How you should think and be personal in your movie production
  • Create interesting movies
  • How to evoke feelings

*Held in Swedish

Robert Agius

Regissör, Phosworks


Understand your Social Media Addiction

We all know that endless neewfeeds, likes and social feedback sometimes make you spend too much time on social media. But what is really going on, from a psychologial point of view, when you can't leave your phone alone?

  • Why we need to stop talking about dopamine
  • How your social media habits really work
  • What you can do to reduce your (over) checking

Anders Colding-Jørgensen

Behavioral Psychologist

*With reservation for changes



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